How To Have Canberra's Best Coffee At Home

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How To Have Canberra's Best Coffee At Home

Somewhere in the last few years, coffee morphed itself from a caffeinated beverage to a personality trait - according to people's Instagram bio's, at least. 

Melbourne prides itself on being Australia's coffee capital, but I'd like to think Canberra gives it a run for its money, with our thriving cafe culture and local roasteries located all over the capital. 

Now things are getting colder; there is nothing better than enjoying a good cup of coffee at home. To many people, this prospect involves thoughts of dropping a good amount of dough on a fancy espresso machine.

But, there are many ways you can enjoy the flavours of Canberra's cafes at home without breaking the budget or giving up and resorting to some Nespresso pods. Let's have a look at where and how. 


Alternative Brewing At Home

You don't have to pay much to enjoy a good coffee at home, without having to bring one home from the local barista. There are many different manual brewing methods that are cheap and efficient - one of these is the Aeropress. 

The Aeropress 

Invented in 2005, the Aeropress is easily one of the most popular manual brewing methods for a quick cup of joe, without breaking the budget. You can pick one up for under $50. 

The Aeropress is a form of immersion brewing that involves two cylinders, one that acts as a plunger and pushes coffee from the grounds through a paper or metal filter.

There are two methods of using Aeropress - the traditional way, as per the Aeropress instructions. This process involves pouring the water over the beans and then inserting the plunger, pushing the coffee ground through the paper. Below is an excellent video on how to get the perfect brew with an Aero using it the traditional way. 

Alternatively, there is another way of using the Aeropress known as the 'inverted method'. This method is equal in popularity. The method involves flipping the Aeropress upside down, pulling the plunger all the way out, adding the grounds and water, then apply the filter and flipping the cup and pushing. Here how this is done: 

If you want to know where to pick up an Aeropress around Canberra and enjoy some quality coffee, find your nearest stockist by clicking here <--

Hand Grinders


 Once you have your Aeropress you will also need something to grind up your beans. Hand grinders are the weapon of choice when it comes to grinding your own coffee beans. This is for a number of reasons.

For starters, hand grinders are affordable, durable, they don't take up much space, and they are easy to take with you on the road. On top of this, well it's just cool to wake up in the morning and manually grind your own beans. The fresh smell of Canberra's finest beans wafting into your nostrils. You can't tell me that isn't the best way to start the day. 

There are heaps of really good hand grinders out there on the market and as a lot of local cafes stock them and can point you in the right direction here. 

For example, Rhinowares do a solid hand grinder that is compatible directly into the Aeropress.  

Canberra's finest coffee

Now you have an Aeropress and a hand grinder, you need some local beans to grind and transform into some delicious coffee to drink. As we are in Canberra, we are in luck, because there is no shortage of delicious beans from local roasteries to choose from in order to do this. Here are a few to choose from. 

Ona Coffee

Ona is Canberra's largest speciality roaster and comes with a certain amount of prestige - with their baristas winning some national and international competition's over the years. Their beans are used in Cafe's all over Canberra, as well as having three cafes of their own. 

Location: 68 Wollongong St, Fyshwick, ACT

Red Brick Espresso 

Red Brick is known for making some of Canberra's finest coffee and they roast and sell their own beans as well. 

Location: 4/35 Carruthers St, Curtin, ACT

Lonsdale Street Roasters

In heart of Canberra's hipster hub, Lonsdale Street roasters is a popular cafe a roaster among, well, hipsters. They also make a hell of a good coffee and roast some good beans.

Location: 23 Lonsdale St, Braddon, ACT

Two Before Ten

Last but not least, Two before ten is another amazing coffee roaster and they also have a few cafes around Canberra now. 

Location: The Aranda Shops 68 Bandjalong Cres Aranda Canberra, ACT

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